Craftsman Style Homes Plans Ideas and Designs With FAQs

Craftsman style homes act like bungalow-inspired layouts, with appealing features, which makes them vintage. Builder houses are usually one or two floors tall (with a few getting split-level layouts) and date in the early 1900s once the Crafts and Arts Movement impacted architectural design. This movement has influenced an array of artistic endeavors, including architecture, and interior planning, which led to the timeless Builder homes we all know today.

Builder house plans act denoting simplicity. They have functional layouts and factors that make their rooms adaptable for an array of architectural designs and decor styles which makes them “something for everyone”. We’ve listed up a lot of our favorites here.

1. Natural Materials in the Exterior: Craftsman Style House

Craftsman style homes

Builder styles provide natural and genuine building materials like wood, bricks, stone. This natural material palette means they are eco-friendly since their exteriors flaunt natural splendor. They assist them to reduce their carbon and ecological footprint, needless sources to create, and are really simple to build. So, should you fancy an eco-friendly house, choose a builder-style home.

2. A Craftsman House Plan That Offers a Veranda

A Builder house plan can invite the play of indoor/outside flow for enjoying warm-weather and entertaining visitors. The bedroom, living and also the open kitchen all can open for the veranda for simple and airy circulation. For additional solitude, the actual bedroom could be hidden within the layout.

3. Modern Design for Craftsman Style House Plans

Modern architecture can be simply developed in a craftsman’s house. To help make the house more contemporary it’s possible to eliminate some common aspects of a standard builder home and replace all of them with newer architectural elements. For example, design with steel posts rather than rustic wooden support beams. Furthermore, modern entrances and glass home windows could be featured.

4. Craftsman Home Porch with Pillars

What exactly are builder house plans without porches? Its trademark design feature is really a porch with appealing support beams. Since the front porch with posts and support beams can lend shading and supply roof support. A covered porch is another great area for your loved ones to wind down and socialize using their neighbors. Their posts are usually square, differentiating from the typical bungalow because of the form of the posts.

5. The Garage Door of Craftsman Style House

Beautiful themed garage doors may also accentuate the classic Builder home architecture. You are able to design recessed panels in the spare room doorways like the primary entrance door, drawing focus on the home’s entry and developing a friendly entrance charm.

6. 4-Bedroom Craftsman Home

A four-bedroom house doesn’t need an enormous stretch of land. This really is achievable by designing two levels inside your builder home, expanding the quantity of available space for that additional room. You can put it among the bedrooms on the floor level together with your family room and dining area. When hosting visitors, this can be a practical design because the ground-level bathroom can be utilized like a guest bath or powder room.

7. Double Hanging Windows of Craftsman Style House Plans

It’s possible to always find double-hanging home windows developed in builder-style homes. These home windows are not only seen restricted to aesthetic purposes but additionally functional. You could have perfect ventilation whenever you really need it. Unlike other kinds of home windows, double-hanging home windows don’t crank outwardly or project outwards. The chance of accidents will lessen right in front yards which are just beneath these home windows.

8. Exposed Beams in Craftsman Home

On the interiors from the builder home and also the exteriors of the home, uncovered beams or rafters would be the primary architectural feature in Builder style homes. Uncovered wooden beams create a room feels vintage and cozier whilst adding a classic-world charm. An uncovered wooden beam is a straightforward method to give a rustic touch to the house.

9. Small Sized Craftsman Home

This smaller-sized house plan can house all the good things about a Builder style home, whether you’re attempting to downsize or leave a smaller-sized carbon imprint. An expert bedroom having a walk-in closet and adjoining bathroom could be incorporated within this layout. While an additional room could be multifunctional “playroom”, music, room, kids play, anything you like!

10. Subtle Craftsman Style House Colors 

Subtle Nature-inspired colors are majorly utilized in craftsman style homes. The colors wood brown and fresh eco-friendly are particularly famous Builder homes. However, you can go for more vibrant exterior colors. For instance, beige features peachy orange garage doorways having a dark eco-friendly metal roof and white-colored trim.


1. Are Our Bungalows and Craftsman Homes the Same Thing?

No, bungalows are a kind of dwelling that originated from India’s Bengal area. Though these terms are interchangeable and carefully connected using the Builder style it’s different. A bungalow is really a modest, comparatively small house having a sloping roof along with a broad front porch (usually just one a treadmill-and-a-half tales). As the Builder bungalow is really a frequent match, the 2 aren’t always synonymous.

2. What are The 4 Types of Craftsman-Style Homes? 

Prairie Style

Prairie-style homes really are a distinctively American variation from the Builder house form. Prairie homes obtain names using their adaptability for construction on flat land. Generally, they’ve low-pitched, hipped, or gable roofs that overhang throughout the house. An enormous open concept layout, home windows, and front entrance with porches will also be incorporated within the craftsman-style homes.

Mission Style

Mission-style homes vary from a few of the more classic characteristics of Craftsman style homes because of their Spanish design influence. Probably the most prevalent traits that distinguish mission-style homes from classic Builder-style homes are rustic materials, smooth stucco finishes, red tile roofs, and open-plan courtyards.

Four-Square Style

Four-square type styles were famous in the mid-1890s using the late 1930s and so are another frequent kind of Builder style home. Following recognition of grandiose, Victorian-style homes began to wane, four-square-style homes rose to prominence. It had been the transitional phase in architectural design history. During this time period, minimalist and honest design styles showed up in the limelight.

The first square type of the outside structure and interior rooms distinguishes a four-square type house from the rest. Two-and-a-half story home, pyramidal hip roofs, plus a large front porch that surrounds the entire width of the house are typical facets of this sort

The last one is the bungalow type 

3. What Are the Common Features of a Craftsman Style Home?

A Craftsman-style home has the following features:

  • A veranda or porch with a protruding roof.
  • Porch columns with a tapered and wide base.
  • Huge Eaves of the roof are overhanging.
  • At least two single dormers with full-length windows.
  • Natural building materials and colors, particularly stone and wood, are used extensively in these designs
  • A fireplace and mantel that is intricately carved for the interiors.
  • The interiors are usually designed in a single-story open concept layout.

4. Do Craftsman-Style Homes Have Basements?

Not always, but they can. If that is your design requirement.

5. What Is a Craftsman Style Kitchen?

Simple straight lines, solid construction, and minimum adornment are normal characteristics of builder-style home kitchens. The form came into being within the Crafts and humanities movement in England across the finish in the nineteenth century.

Builder-style house plans are a fun way to produce your house appear bigger by maximizing and using space. You may easily incorporate any in the builder style décor elements we stated above to your residence to make a welcoming atmosphere.

Hopefully, this short article gives you even better comprehensive insights into builder house plans.

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