How to Make an Easy House Plan, Suitable for Beginners

How to Make an Easy House Plan, Suitable for Beginners

1. Collect the House Plan References You Want

References and inspiration can be obtained by reading architectural and design magazines, visiting housing exhibitions, traveling, visiting friends’ houses, or surfing the internet. You can mix or combine more than one reference to make a house plan according to your dreams.
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2. Determine the Home Model You Want

The house model in question is whether the house is one or two floors, or more. Each floor of the house has its own floor plan. So if, for example, you want a two-level house, then you have to make two separate floor plans. That way you can determine what rooms are on each floor.

3. Do Standard Research Needs for Each Room

Research the needs of each room is important to ensure that the placement of each room in the plan will be appropriate, plus it will not cause disturbances. Learn the basic needs of each space. For example, do you need a dressing room for a bedroom, do you need a dressing room for a kitchen near the dining room, what is the standard size of the room, and does this room need an opening.

4. Determine the number of rooms

Make a list of how many bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and so on. What activities will be carried out in the house, for example, do you need a work space, mini library, painting studio, children’s playground, and so on. The bonus new member 100 more rooms, the larger the area needed. Most importantly, adjust the room requirements for each child. Apart from getting used to it from an early age so that children can be responsible for their respective areas, it is also good for the growth and development of children in the future.

5. Measuring Land and Room

If you are building on vacant land, measure the total area according to the house to be built. When the building is standing, measure the length of each wall and also the door. Also determine the area of ​​each room needed, for example what size should the bathroom be in order to enter the bath-up, how wide is the room, as well as the area of ​​the other room. One of the advantages when planning to build your own house is that you can immediately make suitable furniture so that it can be measured precisely and does not take up space like if we buy furniture from outside. Among the ideas that can be used to make furniture together with building a house are built-in wardrobes, tables or shelves attached to the wall, bookshelves, multipurpose shelves for bathrooms, and so on.