Brick and Paint Color Combinations That We Just Love

Brick houses have lots of character and charm, but locating the correct brick and paint color combinations to choose them might be challenging. You’ll have to choose a paint color that enhances the red brick without detracting from the home’s attractiveness. Follow along once we reveal the very best brick and paint color combinations.

We love seeing exactly who picks their exterior paint colors and just how they complement the home’s features. Lately, For the reason that they could be hard to match paint colors with. Whether you’re creating a home with brick being an accent or perhaps a home with brick throughout, you’ll want to make sure that exterior brick and paint color combinations complement one another.

brick and paint color combinations

In this article, we would like to discuss brick and paint color combinations that go well with the exterior.

How to Choose Exterior Brick and Paint Color Combinations

What color goes well with red brick and paint color combinations? Must you pick a neutral paint color? It’s a common thought with regards to brick exteriors, there are a couple of choices for picking out a paint color to enhance it.

To begin with, we all know that red brick is much more subdued and subdued. Consequently, we’ll have to remember that while selecting paint colors to enhance it. If you’re likely to use white-colored, for instance, choose a creamy white-colored as opposed to a brilliant white-colored. When combined with brick, the dazzling white-colored might look an impression too harsh. An off-white-colored will appear white-colored from the brick, but it’ll be softer.

Second, we would like the paint colors to enhance instead of contrasted using brick. A good way to accomplish this is by using colors that range from brick itself. Redbrick, overall, comes in a number of hues. Selecting certainly one of individuals colors can help keep up with the house’s appearance together.

Brick and Paint Color Combinations

Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl and Simply White 

Among the favorite brick and paint color combinations are white-colored paints are these Benjamin Moore classics. Seapearl is off-white-colored by having an LRV of 77.95. The LRV of Simply White-colored is 91.7, which makes it considerably better. While these hues offer a similar experience and form a monochromatic color plan, their undertones slightly differ. Simply White-colored includes a warm glow that pulls focus on and contrasts using the grey undertones of Seapearl.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster with Tricorn Black

Sherwin Williams? Alabaster is an excellent exterior brick color idea. As this paint hue reads differently on several textures, it’s a great option for a variety of exterior housing materials. When going after this method, we advise using accents inside a more dark paint, for example, Sherwin Williams? Tricorn Black, to boost dimension and depth.

It isn’t a harsh black-and-white-colored checkerboard-style combination since Alabaster isn’t a stark white-colored and Tricorn Black isn’t a stark black. This contemporary brick and paint color combination possess a subtle drama.

Benjamin Moore’s Olympic Mountains Brick and Paint Color Combination

The home’s facade is brought together by this warm, earthy brick and paint color mix. Instead of being a point of contrast, these paint hues work well together. On the brick, Olympic Mountains take center stage, Sandy Hook Gray adorns the soffits and fascia, and Simply White highlights the trim.

Exterior Paint Color Combination with Benjamin Moore’s Grant Beige

Once the brick is colored beige or off-white-colored, it appears fresh and modern with orange clay tile roofs. Redbrick can’t contend with this type of distinctive roof as the focus of the exterior design. Benjamin Moore’s Grant Beige is really a go-to beige for a lot of designers.

Within this example, the accents in Sherwin Williams? Urbane Bronze gives depth and bridges the space between your softer beige and also the wealthy roof tile hue. Having a clay tile roof and beige paint, bronze or copper gutters, and downspouts look great.

Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain and Sherwin Williams Natural Choice 

If you’re dealing with brick that hasn’t been colored before, use a limewash. This excellent result provides property in a vintage, ancient sense, with glimpses of brick still visible. Warm undertone paints match the nice and cozy brick that shows through. And there are plenty of lovely architectural details to focus on with color about this property.

The designer recommended accents colored in Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain and Sherwin Williams? Natural Choice and Porpoise.

Benjamin Moore’s Sea Pearl and Onyx and Sherwin Williams’ Iron Ore

Both kinds function admirably when colored on correctly prepared brick. Since the front-facing bricks appear off-white-colored and also the cracks between your bricks appear grey, Seapearl looks particularly attractive on brick. Painting all the non-brick sidings in Sherwin Williams? Iron Ore and also the trim and accents in Benjamin Moore’s Onyx results in a wealthy, deep contrast that brings out Seapearl’s grey undertones.

Benjamin Moore’s Natural Red Brick with Sandy Hook Gray

If you wish to keep your red brick searching natural, greige trim might help. In our opinion, it’s among the finest brick and paint color combinations. In reality, many bricks include natural flecks of grey and beige stone, and mortar frequently appears greige from afar. Benjamin Moore’s Sandy Hook Grey brings out these tones inside your trim.

Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter, Iron Mountain, and Onyx

Mixed materials, after some paint, become partners instead of rivals. Does this house include a brick extension, shaker siding, and natural stone? all lovely elements of and in themselves, however, the color plan would be a little overbearing. The right brick and paint color combinations will make a big difference within this circumstance.

Iron Mountain around the shaker siding adds depth towards the house and brings about the grays and blues within the stone. The onyx paint around the shutter adds a little color.

Benjamin Moore Natural Red Brick with Revere Pewter, Iron Mountain, and Onyx

It seems different when along with the bare brick. Revere Pewter, Iron Mountain, and Onyx are three complementary neutrals. Despite a higher-contrast red brick and lightweight mortar foundation, these paint colors help identify a home’s architectural characteristics without feeling excessively cluttered.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Natural Wood

Limewash or pale brick isn’t for everybody. Alabaster is a superb option to modernize your brick with a brand new white-colored. It complements natural wood because of its warm beige undertones. This mixture, along with the black-trim Marvin home windows, drastically transforms the look of this property.