Blue Kitchen Cabinets Ideas that are Bold, Edgy & Beautiful

Blue kitchen cabinets ideas: For a lot of individuals, blue as a color for that kitchen would seem strange because it is thought that blue is mainly utilized in bathrooms or bedrooms. Blue is a type of hue that is really alluring and calming. Her capacity to bring an individual touch and liveliness to the space. You are able to opt for anything varying from cobalt to cyan. A little blue can help give a distinct turn to your kitchen area cabinets. Blue cabinets happen to be lately observed in trends.

Blue may be the color of heaven along with the sea, maybe that’s the reason it is regarded as a relaxing and tranquil color. It’s an efficient, innovative, and comforting color.

Following is a summary of Blue kitchen cabinets ideas that will assist you in choosing your ideal one.

Best Blue Kitchen Cabinets Ideas to Spruce Up Your Homes

blue kitchen cabinets ideas

1. Using Blue as a Neutral Base

If you wish to possess a quiet color scheme, first of all, decide the hues for example beige, taupe, white-colored, or grey. Blue will behave as an excellent neutral base. It’ll pair well having a grey giving a minimalistic turn to your kitchen area.

2. Toile Blue Wallpaper Kitchen

If you’re getting a kitchen area within the pool house, it may be beneficial to possess a little blue in your kitchen cabinet. You are able to opt for glossy blue cabinets and that might be an excellent contrast towards the stodgy toile.

3. Navy and Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Blue includes numerous shades for example blue-gray, blue-eco-friendly, blue brown, etc. navy, and gray cabinets really are a workable option. However, it appears dull. Hence it might be easier to give a playful element just like a decorative backsplash.

4. Coastal Chic Navy Kitchen Cabinets

Silver and blue form an excellent set and produce a maritime along with a seaside chic vibe. You can include other details like a covering-like white-colored tile backsplash giving a texture towards the flattering navy cabinets. This helps achieve an ocean-inspired turn to your home.

5. Open Kitchen Design with Blue Cabinetry

Aside from cabinets, don’t disregard the remaining space. You can keep by using this blue within the other spaces such as the breakfast nook. It’ll provide a cohesive turn to a normally left-out space. Nowhere shade can help result in the space appearing bigger.

6. Row House Kitchen Remodel Ideas with Blue Cabinets

If you wish to possess a contemporary and fresh vibe for your kitchen, you could have dark blue cabinets with copper fixtures. It will help to provide an ageless turn to your spaces.

7. Light and Airy Blue Cabinets Giving a Minimalist Look

Blue has various shades from aqua to navy to cobalt. However, the lighter shades of blue are extremely much advantageous in lightening up an area. Additionally, it brings drama and depth to the space.

8. Designer Blue Cabinets Panels

If you love color and texture in your kitchen, you will love customized panels. This will give your kitchen a stylish look.

9. Chic Powder Blue Kitchen Cabinets

You are able to achieve organic modernism by getting awesome blue cabinets and wooden barstools. The Carrara marble tiles and pendant lights give a stylish turn to the area.

10. Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Marble Countertops 

For those who have a sizable cooking area, you are able to opt for navy blue kitchen cabinets. It might help achieve a hot and welcoming vibe for your space. This shade of blue sticks out loud and balances out the heat and is lightweight.

Deep blue shade helps bring a classy look, particularly when combined with marble countertops. You are able to combine it with chic pendant lighting, woven bar chairs, along a good assortment of tipples.

11. Moody Bohemian Vibe with Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Embrace the moody touch of blue and don’t feel shy to merge it with more dark shades for example black or brown. If you’re afraid the space would seem heavier go with open shelves fixed from the white-colored walls. It can help you achieve a perfect and harmonious try looking in your kitchen area.

12. A Maximalist Blue Kitchen Cabinetry

You can have blue cabinetry paired up with checkered flooring and a touch of wood. It gives an overall chic and farmhouse look to the kitchen.

13. Ultra Modern and Edgy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

For most of us, blue might help remind them of beaches or traditional houses. However, blue kitchen cabinets ideas it’s not completely accurate. Blue cabinets having a sleek and edgy look may have a modern house vibe too.

14. Top Shelves Designed as Blue Kitchen Cabinets

There is no need to possess all of the cabinets within the same color. You may also choose a pop of blue within the top cabinetry. A pop of aqua green can help achieve a playful aspect in a normally monotonous kitchen.

15. Bottom Navy Blue Cabinets

And you may also go the other way around, with white-colored upper and blue lower cabinets. For those who have an exciting white-colored kitchen, you are able to paint the underside cabinets differently for adding mood.

Also if you wish to have deep colors but don’t want to possess a closing feeling and rather should you prefer a light and airy look, then simply just paint just the bottom portion having a dark shade for example deep blue cabinets. The above-mentioned shelves could be of lighter shade or possibly just open shelving.

Did You Find Your Top Favourite Blue Kitchen Cabinets?

The color tone of the blue comes with an elegant look, whether it is aqua green or deep blue. It imparts tranquility and timelessness to some space. Hopefully, these chic and stylish blue kitchen cabinet ideas have inspired and encouraged you to accept the bold and delightful key to have your blue cabinets.

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