What Are Some Unique Product Design Ideas

Unique product design ideas: Sadly the Mad Men’s times of sipping scotch inside a bespoke suit with an art deco armchair at ten each morning, discussing what spin to use the ad for that season’s newest gadget is behind us. Well, maybe it’s not very sad?

In either case, the ever-improving use of design technology and also the growing affordability of 3D printers along with other small-scale manufacturing processes have moved product design capacity from the hands of the couple of and into the open arms of the numerous, leading to a surge of innovative, exciting, though admittedly not necessarily unique product design ideas.

Unique product design ideas

Here are some of our top picks for the most unique product design ideas.

Etienne Louis Espresso Machine

Produced by Swiss designer Carlo Borer, this bad boy looks has a Dying Star vibe into it. Except it really works (and there’s no annoying exhaust port to fret about?). Furthermore, the spiked top is removable and helpful like a projectile if Chad from accounting wants to let you know about his sick dirt biking trip before you’ve managed to get using your second cup.

iPod Touch Bedding

Being an Android user, I understand there’s nothing Apple-heads love greater than suggesting how great Apple goods are. Well, description of how they allow their bedding to get it done on their behalf! They were available through Ellos however they appear to become sold-out right now. I’m able to only find images for Single beds. Coincidence?

Tekio Modular Lighting

Perfect if you’re searching to include a fascinating feature to some restaurant or public space or you only desire to recreate your preferred Sonic the Hedgehog level like a lamp. Designed and produced by Anthony Dickens.

3D Fetus

Y “know what” If a person had stated in my experience I bet eventually you’ll write articles using the words ?3D? and “Fetus” right alongside one another.? It’s a bit I’d taken and I’d have put lots of money onto it. That’s the enjoyment part relating to this job though. You’re always evolving, with no longer do we must depend on grainy 2D black and white-colored images when visualizing our developing babies.

While not an item design within the traditional sense, this Japanese company uses your 3D ultrasound and produces it as being tangible? well? paperweight? Do people still use paperweights?

The Opena

I understand I understand, another Apple accessory. That one I like though. An apple iPhone situation having a slide-out bottle opener to accept edge off whenever your operating system won’t permit you to import video within the format you are accustomed to film your son’s steps or when it becomes clear that the wireless earphones you have to buy since the new models don’t have a jack are likely to cost you $219. Cheers!

Face Mug with Cookie Holder

That one is among individuals who like it or hate its unique product design ideas that may begin to mix into uncanny valley territory for several folks. I believe it’s absolutely fantastic though and I’d even pay extra if “XXL cookie cubby” was a choice. I additionally enjoy the way the website ensures to notice that cookies aren’t incorporated within the $18 cost.

Leather Dragon Backpack

Don’t like the money?  But you DO like dragons, well this little number is for you! Bobbasset.com has got your back. For only $1750 you can carry around a 5L leather dragon bag, ensuring that your wallet won’t weigh you down.

Light Up Shoe

Another Unique product design ideas that’s technically not really a consumer product, the Onitsuka Tiger shoe company designed and 3D printed this 1-meter lengthy shoe sculpture as part of a continuing advertising campaign. It had been later offered to some private owner like a modern art sculpture. The recording of their production may be worth a wristwatch. This project is really an outstanding proof of what can be achieved when creativeness works synchronized with technology.