Your 2022 Guide to Premium Apartments in Paris

Premium Apartments in Paris

If you’re looking for premium apartments in Paris, you ought to be ready for any fight. There’s a lack of apartments, and Parisian landlords prefer to utilize local French residents. Whatever the realities of the rental market within the town of Paris, the idea of just living here can come true if you’re determined. Here’s your 2022 help guide to finding the right and premium apartments in Paris to reside in.

Where to Rent in Paris

Deciding where you can rent in Paris can be very difficult specifically for people from other countries since the city’s neighborhoods differ drastically. But it’s much simpler whenever you narrow your research in early stages.

Paris is split into 20 districts, known as arrondissements. Generally, the further you reside from the city center, the less costly the rent will get.

Premium Apartments in Paris

That stated, there’s a nobody-size-fits-all approach. For those who have a household with kids, it may be ideal to reside in the 15th and 16th arrondissements because these have bigger apartments with nearby parks.

For those who love fun and entertainment, you may choose to stay close to the center within the fourth, fifth, sixth districts in areas like Saint-Germain, Le Marais, and Montmartre.

The fifth and eleventh arrondissements are recognized for student apartments since they’re easily located to colleges and top bars and restaurants where socialites can savor the nightlife.

The seventh and 16th arrondissements are recognized for being more calm and residential. Finally, should you don’t mind having to pay extra to reside in the safest areas, you can look up places within the 17th arrondissement.

How to Find an Apartment in Paris

When looking for an apartment to rent in Paris, you have two main options: Going with an agency or handling everything yourself. There are advantages and disadvantages to both these routes.

The benefit of going the company strategy is that things are taken proper care of when they also are usually softer with regards to your guarantor.

You just need to describe to some reliable agent what you’re searching for. They’ll then inform you which apartments can be found at that time. Once locating a place, you want in the event you proceed to sign an agreement.

However the costly charges. Actually, the company may charge up to two months? rent like a finder’s fee. If you possess the capital, it’s worthwhile.

However, you can accept the owner directly without intermediaries and agency charges. The only real bad thing is that you might have to go to the place you to ultimately see its condition, which is time-consuming for those who have just shown up in Paris.

However, if you choose to follow this route, be sure that your dossier or documentation is perfect. Also, bear in mind that apartments relocate minutes, so you have to act rapidly when you are getting to the right place.

Have the Necessary Paperwork Ready

Many people relocating to this city ask the most typical question,? what are the documents required to rent in Paris?

The simple truth is the federal government gives plenty of legal rights to renters, which makes it complicated and time-consuming for landlords to kick tenants out. Proprietors want to make sure that you’re the ideal tenant, so you may need enough proof for this.

The file you ought to have during every apartment visit should contain copies of those documents:

  • A current copy of your passport or a copy of your visa for non-EU residents
  • Your three months previous payslips indicate at least 3x of the monthly rent
  • Alternatively, you should have proof of a job contract and your position, indicating at least three times the monthly rent
  • For non-working students, you need to have a guarantor (grant) who agrees to pay your rent if you default – most landlords require the grant to be a French citizen.
  • Agarant’s official ID, a letter of attestation, recent bank statements, and recent tax returns
  • Letter from your previous landlord and previous rental contracts and employer

Should you don’t possess a grant in France, why not consider a flatshare, where landlords are less strict concerning the grant’s location. Also, some banks offer to do something as guarantors for youthful professionals and students.

Security Deposit and Charges

You’ve now learned just about everything about renting a Parisian apartment. The last factor to bear in mind may be the security deposit.

Lots of apartment proprietors in Paris have to have a deposit which is between 1 to 3 months? rent. Regrettably, some landlords will search for all manners of excuses not to send it back for you.

To avert this, make sure you inspect your home by having a rental agent or landlord before relocating. Note any issues on paper since you will perform the same when leaving.

Additionally, you will incur costs of heating, electricity, water, and internet. With respect to the owner, you may have to pay for the utility charges individually or collect if as specified by anything.


The entire process of renting premium apartments in Paris doesn’t need to be hard. You just need to follow the steps that we’ve outlined above.

Most importantly, be skeptical of scams for example agents or landlords who demand charges for any service you don’t need. Fortunately, tenant legal rights in France are very well-safeguard through the law and therefore you shouldn’t worry an excessive amount about relating to this.

Lastly, you’ve labored with enough concentration to obtain this apartment. Make certain to get the “dream” tenant. Keep communal areas pristine, respect the furnishings and steer clear of making noise, mainly in the nights and late nights.