7 Ways to Decorate a Simple and Aesthetic Bedroom

7 Ways to Decorate a Simple and Aesthetic Bedroom

Having a comfortable minimalist bedroom is everyone’s dream. Moreover, this room is a place for us to unwind and the body is more relaxed. No wonder so many people try to make their room as comfortable as possible.

Are you one of them? If so, do you have no ideas to decorate your bedroom at home?

If you are still confused, don’t worry, we have prepared a simple bedroom decoration method that you can apply.

How to decorate a simple bedroom

Decorating a bedroom is actually not difficult. Provided, we already know the theme of the room we want to make.

Then, just follow a few ways to create a comfortable and aesthetic bedroom, as follows.

1. Installing a Hanging Wall Shelf

Besides saving space, hanging shelves are also quite functional, both as decorations and for storing personal items.

You can put a collection of books, photo frames and other interesting displays on the shelf. The tip is to choose a hanging shelf with a more neutral color so that the room doesn’t look cramped, such as brown, black, and white wood colors.

So, here are recommendations for hanging shelves while playing RTP live slot to make the room prettier and neater.

2. Using White Paint

For a minimalist room size, you should use white paint. Besides being able to look cleaner, the reflection of white walls can also make a room look wider.

After that, mix it with bright colors in the bedroom furniture, such as using beige pillowcases, orange blankets and black table lamps.

Here’s a bedroom decorating idea that can be an inspiration for you.

3. Use a Cabinet with Connected Desks

The use of a multifunctional wardrobe that can also be used as a table can save bedroom space, you know. In addition, this wardrobe can also make the room wider.

You can use the table for study and work. Well, we have recommendations for wardrobes and folding tables, as below.

4. Avoid Using Large Wall Hangings

Do not use large wall hangings for narrow rooms. You see, this decoration will actually take up space and the room feels cramped.

Simply place small and medium-sized decorations on the bedroom walls, such as photo frames, dream catchers, and more.

5. Placing the Diffuser

Using a diffuser can not only purify the air, but also repel mosquitoes and help you sleep better. Of course, this diffuser can make the bedroom more comfortable Kumpulan link khusus daftar situs judi slot online gacor gampang menang hari ini terbaik dan terpercaya no 1 terbaru.

6. Installing Wallpapers

If you are bored with plain bedroom walls, you can use wallpaper with a design that you like.

Try to wallpaper only on one side of the bedroom wall, such as behind the bed. This is useful for adding aesthetics and a focal point in the bedroom.

7. Presenting Ornamental Plants

The presence of ornamental plants can beautify the room and provide the benefits of room freshness.

As a suggestion, you can add leaf ornamental plants, such as mother-in-law’s tongue. This type of plant can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night.

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